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If you were walking In the sunshine along the track past Churchflelds lake on Wednesday afternoon, 3 April 2002, you might have been slightly surprised, or (yes!) even Inspired to glimpse through the trees three Galilean-clad people In a boat, dragging a net, fishing. It was a very empty net, but then from the other side of the lake came another Galilean-attired man, in startling white and gold; he called to the men In the boat, 'Have you caught any fish? 'No', they replied, but the stranger already had three fish cooking on the bank. This resurrection appearance of Jesus to his disciples was watched attentively by sixty children.

This was the theme of Wednesday's 'Come Fishing' Day for primary age children from the parishes of Cradley, Mathon and Storridge. The children were shoaled into fishy groups: Green Guppies, Red Herrings, Goldfish and Blue Marlin. During the day the children sang songs, enacted the scene themselves, made fish medallions, wove imaginative sea coloured screens, played games, cooked fish biscuits with sparkling eyes and learned more of this aspect of the Resurrection story.

A huge 'thank you' to all those people who made this possible, planning and creating a very special day for the children and an opportunity for all ages throughout the parishes to work together.

In the Church Flag Boat Croud The Fish!

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