Cradley Churchyard Trees Urgent Work of March 2018

The wire damaged beech #7 leaning over the burial area on the east boundary, the Silver Birch #12a with the honey fungus rotten bole, and Ash #9 close to the electricity supply and denying light and air to the Irish Yew, have now been felled. Sweet chestnut #6 has had 'crown lifting' to remove the low branches that were a safety hazard to those tending graves below it. This work has been approved by the Archdeacon and we now have Planning consent. Further work is now waiting for the Chancellor's faculty, expected by August 2018.

Beech 7, 3 March 2018
Felled by volunteers, many thanks to our neighbours!
Beech 7 Beech 7
Silver Birch 12a, 10 March 2018
Felled by contractors Sam and Dan of Malvern Grounds and Gardens
Silver Birch 12a Silver Birch 12a
Sweet Chestnut 6, 10 March 2018
Crown lifted
Sweet Chestnut 6 Sweet Chestnut 6
Ash 9, 10 March 2018 Ash 9 Ash 9