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    "Our Churches are open for everyone, no matter faith or lack of it, no matter creed, no matter condition, no matter age, no matter need."

    Benefice Groupings

    For each Church found by searching A Church Near You there is a [More Info] tab detailing the benefice and Deanery. The information is provided automatically by the Church Commissioners every few months and may not reflect work in progress, such as our Cider and Hop groups of Churches.

    Cradley, Mathon and Storridge: - Rector Robert Ward

    Colwall, Upper Colwall and Coddington: - Rector Melanie Horton

    Ledbury and Eastnor: - Rev. Keith Hilton-Turvey

    Hop Churches: Ashperton, Bosbury, Canon Frome, Munsley, Stoke Edith, Stretton Grandison, Tarrington, and Yarkhill - Rev. Amanda Williams

    Cider Churches: Aylton, Little Marcle, Much Marcle, Putley, Pixley, Wellington Heath and Yatton. - Team Vicar Rev. Val Tate:

    Deanery contacts are on the who's who page.

    Deanery of Ledbury, Our Vision

    Our Mission Statement

    Our vision is of a lively and growing Church in all our parishes, to be seen very much at the centre of spiritual and social life in each community.

    Our priority, together with the Diocese, is to reach out to all - taking the Good News of the Gospel out into the community, as well as offering an open door and an encouraging welcome to those who seek to be part of the body of Christ.

    The Deanery will support all our parishes in reaching out, each in their various ways, to the wider community, and encourage those parishes and churches who seek to offer fresh expressions of Church.

    Our Aim

    To offer any support which might best be provided and organised by the Deanery which the parishes believe would be of help to them in their mission, and in our joint mission.

    In this it is the Deanery's intention to encourage and inspire parishes in their work- but not to impose or dictate. As the Deanery is no more than the sum of its parishes working together, our over-riding principle is to allow the parishes to be prime.

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    Mtwara, Masasis, Tanzania

    Masasis is linked with the Ledbury Deanery as one of the Hereford World Partnership Diocese links. In 2010 Bishop Anthony saw the new church being built at Likonde, joined with the Centenary celebration of Masasi Cathedral and met the first Bishop of Newala. There are also links between Mtwara Lilungu Primary School and Ledbury Primary, with teachers exchanging visits. Many of the Parishes in Ledbury Deanery hold fund raising events (e.g. Lent Lunches) to support our Tanzanian links. The Ledbury Deanery library page includes some Mtwara reports. As of 2013 there is a Diocesan Tanzania Link Committee.

    Ledbury Deanery is pursuing a link with Altdorf in the Diocese's linked diocese of Nuremburg. A party from Altdorf visited the deanery in the Summer of 2014 and future visits are planned.