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Sunday School picnic 13 January 2002

During our last Sunday School we went on a long Journey, not by 'bus, car or train, but on camels. We prepared ourselves well for the journey, chose suitable gifts and rode our camels. We knew that we were to follow a bright star that would lead us to a baby king. We are wise people, but didn't know where we were going! Who are we? By following the star we rode over mountains, through rivers and streams and on the way both we and the camels needed to rest. At last we reached Bethlehem, where the star led us to a humble house. It was there that we found the baby king; we knelt before him and gave Mary, his mother, our gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

To celebrate our journey we had a party, in fact a picnic lunch in the village hall! We had colourful rugs to sit on and our picnics were in individual bags. Sam and Mike joined us for a while and said grace, with us all holding hands in a circle - a good experience; we then tucked in. The children, and some adults it must be said, made a lot of noise, blew whistles and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Yet more games after lunch; we danced together, laughed together and shared quiet times together. The helpers were quite exhausted, but what fun! We care for a brilliant group of children they're fun, and noisy, disruptive and challenging, but they show empathy, a willingness to learn and an understanding of the topics we cover, based on Bible readings. They are relaxed and at ease with us, and it is through good humour and friendliness that they understand that God loves us.

Sam Sarah and Eryl survey the picnic
What's for lunch?
Mike V with a Bishop's mitre (picnic bag). He made so much noise we were going to send him home, but he left quietly in the end!
Incriminating evidence!
The Jigsaw game
Where's the other half?
Judging the Jigsaw Jumble
Have you finished yet?
Sad Story about Snatching Sammy's Silver Spoons (ouch!)
Sad Story about Snatching Sammy's Silver Spoons (ouch!)

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