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Open daily 10am to 4.30pm, Programme of Events:

May 7th – July 19th 2009

Is your child a Little Angel?
Cradley Festival of Angels which is running until July 18th at St. James the Great church in Cradley, would like to welcome all Little Angels. If you bring your child dressed as an Angel any weekend afternoon between 2pm and 4.30 pm you will receive one FREE Cream Tea!  This wonderful Festival of Angels in Art is proving to be immensley popular with local people and with holidaymakers alike.  For children there is a special Angel Hunt with a surprise for each entrant.  The Festival is open daily from 10.30am to 4.30pm and Cream Teas are available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Come along and visit, signs show the way from the A4103 Worcester to Hereford road and the church volunteers will offer a very warm welcome.

Children's Hidden Angels Hunt - on-going throughout the Festival. Print your own worksheet.doc

May 7th was the Launch ceremony led by Bishop Anthony of Hereford in Cradley Church, by invitation for sponsors, donors and helpers. Celia Kilner, the artist, commented that this was the fourth year for her angels; they had visited seven locations and raised over £45,000 for good causes!

May 9th - At the Hymnathon six choirs sang all the Hymns that included reference to Angels. It created a unique atmosphere for all the visitors!

May 16th, there was a full house for the Illustrated Art Lecture on Angels through the ages by John Travis, in the Village Hall. John took the subject from the earliest examples, through Roman, Baroque, and Renaissance periods up to the present day with the celestial music for St. Cecilia, and a final reference to the Coventry St. Michael and the Devil by Jacob Epstein.

June 7th, concert by ‘Border Voices’, a Herefordshire based chamber choir specialising in Renaissance choral music, who have raised thousands of pounds for charities. The programme included music by Josquin Des Prez, Jean Richafort, Ludovious Senfl, Adrian Willaert, Heinrich Isaac, William Cornish (elder and younger), John Sheppard and a stunning piece (O magnum mysterium) composed more recently by Morten Lauresden. The excellent accoustics of Cradley Church and the presence of the Angels, many of whom were first painted in Renaissance times, made the evening surreal and unforgettable!

June 20th 7.30pm Angels - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly? In words; poetry prose and Music - the concert by Bruce Herriot, with Peter & Rosemary Diamond was thought provoking, interesting and amusing. "If Angels didn't exist then it would be necessary to invent them." There was quite a buzz of exitement for the 6pm picnic on the Church lawn before the concert, with the summer party overflowing the interval bubbly and strawberries from the Village Hall onto the lawn.

On Sunday June 28th there was Music in the Air in Cradley. The Wind Band  'Single Reeds' (Single Reeds, Malvern) held their weekly practice session in the churchyard of St. James the Great church in Cradley. The informality of the 'master class' made the afternoon very pleasant and relaxed. The Cradley Angels guaranteed the fine weather, with the band sheltering from the sun under the massive yew tree.

July 18th 19.30 “And The Angels Sing”  Concert by Pax Singers and poetry written especially for the Angel festival. There was a BBQ and Bar from 6.30pm and during the interval.

Sunday 19th July 6pm ;Closing Service of thanksgiving. The service started with the Gathjering Music of MALAIKA ('Angel') from the Kenyan Boy's Choir, 'Spirit of Africa'. The service continued with hymns and readings about Angels, including a congregational canon of the Taize Gloria.

Cream Teas were served each weekend, 2 - 4.30pm, throughout the Exhibition

'Milicent among the Angels'; a new story book (part of a series) comprising two short stories was written specially for the Festival of Angels, and is available from the Churches and the Shop, price £1

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THE ANGELS (a precis of the flyer):

The Angels are the creation of Artist Celia Kilner who comes from Holmfirth in Yorkshire. There are approximately 60 of them and they are painted on foamboard. Their subjects are taken from paintings of Angels from across the world, across the ages and across all religious persuasions.

The earliest Angel is from Fifth Century Egypt. Others include ‘The Angel of Resurrection’ from an Arabian manuscript, an Indian Angel holding an asp and group of Angels by Hans Memling, who died in Bruges in 1494. Closer to our own times is a pre-Raphaelite style ‘St Cecilia’ by J.W. Waterhouse.

An Angel is a good messenger and over the years has been depicted as providing the interface between heaven and earth – something that has appealed to the human and religious imagination for centuries. There are stories of angels not only in the scriptures but in accounts of ordinary people, often in very ordinary situations. Angels have been alluded to in literature, poetry, film and of course art.

Most recently The Angels have been on display in Jarrow, Northumberland.

The Angels were displayed in the beautiful, ancient church of Cradley adorning its walls and rafters from the 7th of May to 19th of July 2009.

The original announcement with some links...
For three months between May and July 2009 there will be an exhibition of angels within St. James the Great Church at Cradley. The exhibition of 59 larger than life reproductions of angels, as depicted through the ages, will be opened and blessed by the Bishop of Hereford at a special meeting for sponsors on 7 May. The Angels (similar to web-link ) by Celia Kilner, will be at St. James the Great, Cradley; the angels will have moved from St. Marys Lowgate Kingston-on-Hull to Jarrow. See also this, and this, and look for Celia Kilner in this.

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